Keynote · Friday, May 13 · 9:00 AM

Perspective. It’s a key to survival. And during times like these, when the challenges of the pandemic seem never ending, perspective is vital for our personal well-being. In this inspiring and humorous presentation, Mark Mayfield will discuss his personal experience with gaining perspective in a difficult time and then provide you with valuable insights and skills that can manage your stress, change your daily behavior, and reset your baseline for happiness and success. Don’t miss this unforgettable session and Find Your Day!


Lunch and Keynote Friday, May 13 · 11:45 AM

In today's frenzied pace, our lives tend to be consumed with people, activities, and things that don't always make our lives feel bigger but much, much smaller. The life you most desire is within reach, but only if you dare to ask bigger questions, have bigger plans, and trust that you are the architect of your life starting today. This fast-paced, interactive session with Adam Carroll will have you laughing, learning, and yearning to make small but significant changes daily. You'll make intentional plans for your morning, your productive hours, and your family time that will help you build a bigger life. You’ll take away strategies, and a mindset for living a life that makes you and those around you better. Your credit union environment will be buzzing about this for months to come.


Keynote · Saturday, May 14 · 9:00 AM

On November 23, 2013, Dan Meers came within inches of losing his life while practicing a bungee jump and zip line stunt at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. What Dan anticipated being the thrill of a lifetime ended up being the spill of a lifetime. The stunt went terribly wrong. Miraculously, Dan survived. He spent nine days in the hospital and got some really big scars. Dan smiles when he says, “Scars are just tattoos that come with a cool story.” During this powerful presentation, Dan shares his incredible story and the important lessons that he learned about leadership and about life during his long road to recovery.



David Lee

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Sponsored by the Maine Credit Union HR Council

The key to attracting and retaining talent is NOT by improving your messaging or using “goodies, gimmicks and gala events.” Those things are the frosting on the cake, they are not the cake. Yet, these “go to” approaches are why employers continue to have dismally low employee engagement levels and a revolving door of resignations. This session will explore the “cake”: the work experience your management team creates and the components that need to be there to attract, retain, and inspire today’s employee. We will discuss the practical steps you can take to identify, at the employee level and the workforce level, what is missing from what you offer, what sabotages your efforts to attract and retain talent, and what you can do to become an Employer of Choice. This program is for leaders who are not looking for a “silver bullet” but recognize becoming the best takes work.


Rob Caverly, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Maine Credit Union League

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Maine’s credit unions are held in very high regard at the State House in Augusta and with our congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. It is important that the credit union movement continue to maintain its strong presence and influence with our elected officials. Come and learn what simple steps every board member, and all credit union supporters, can take to become an influential credit union advocate.


Adam Carroll

1:30 - 2:30 PM

The main thing keeping organizations from achieving the outcomes they most want is a lack of clarity around what those outcomes actually are! When clarity and alignment are achieved, it’s amazing to see what a group of people can do in a short amount of time. You’ll learn the methods that create clarity and focus alignment on a daily and weekly basis, leading to achieving goals in months, not in years.


Rob Caverly, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Maine Credit Union League

Ellen Parent, Regulatory & Legislative Advocacy Coordinator, Maine Credit Union League

1:30 - 2:30 PM

COVID has only highlighted the importance of having a strong compliance support system in your credit union. Things like Enterprise Risk Management and human resource challenges are piled on top of the everyday compliance requirements of running a financial institution. Join this session, share your questions and experiences, and explore what resources are available to help solve your credit union’s compliance needs.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NETWORK: League Committee Involvement

Jake Holmes, Session Facilitator Financial Literacy Coodinator, Maine Credit Union League

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Are you a young CU professional interested in learning more about committee involvement at the League? Having engaged, involved and active committee members is an important part of the credit union collaboration that makes us stronger together. During this session, a panel of League Committee Chairs will discuss what the committees do, how you can get involved, and address your questions.


Mark Mayfield

It’s pretty simple what Mark Mayfield does: he talks about very serious stuff in a very funny way. Mark has one of the most diversified backgrounds in the speaking industry, having owned and operated several businesses ranging from livestock production to golf instruction, and spent ten years as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. and in thirteen state legislatures for a Fortune 500 company. He has received rave reviews sharing the stage with a wide variety of celebrities like Paul Newman, Peter Frampton, Colin Powell, and Bob Newhart. Mark is author of several books including Morph, a guide to accepting and managing change, and has spoken to a “Who’s Who” list of corporations and trade associations over four decades. He has received the CSP designation from the National Speakers Association and been inducted into their Hall of Fame.

Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert and author of Winning The Money Game, 30 Days To $1K, and Mastery of Money for Students. He is a two-time TED talk speaker, with one of his talks surpassing 4 million views. He is the creator of the Broke, Busted & Disgusted documentary which has been played in hundreds of high schools and colleges, and is featured on CNBC and available on iTunes. He is the founder and curator of www.MasteryOfMoney.com, and a contributor to the Huffington Post. Adam has presented at colleges and universities, leadership symposiums, and countless local and regional events.His passion is helping people build a bigger life, not a bigger lifestyle.

Dan Meers

Dan Meers goes to work each day dressed in a suit. The only difference is that instead of wearing a tie, Dan wears a tail. Dan is a professional mascot. His career began at the University of Missouri – Columbia dressed as the school mascot, Truman Tiger. Dan established himself as one of the top college mascots in the nation, and he turned professional as Fredbird, the mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Soon he was offered a job in professional football and decided to exchange his bird suit to become a wolf. Today Dan is widely known as KC Wolf, the official mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs. He travels extensively entertaining thousands of people both in and out of costume. His enthusiasm, optimism and love for life are contagious and makes Dan an inspiration to all those he meets.

David Lee

David Lee, the founder of HumanNature@Work, is the author of over 100 book chapters and articles on employee engagement, leadership, resilience, and related topics, including the book Dealing with a Difficult Co-Worker. He has worked with organizations and presented at conferences throughout North America and Australia. The two themes of his work are “The more you understand human nature, the greater your ability to bring out the best in people” and “Every better business result requires a better conversation.”

Rob Caverly

Vice President of Governmental Affairs Maine Credit Union League

Ellen Parent

Regulatory & Legislative Advocacy Coordinator Maine Credit Union League

Jake Holmes

Financial Literacy Coordinator Maine Credit Union League